Shubham Aggarwal, a Blogger, Columban, Urban Planner, Aviator & an Entrepreneur in making. “Udta Planner”, a name that cropped up in my mind when I was once having a difficult time in finding a username. 

I was unable to find an acceptable username because of the lack of availability of my legal name “Shubham” as a username or any other sensible combination. With time, Udta Planner became a byname and my legal name was interchanged with this quite often by people. Now Udta Planner is no less then a part of my identity. It have 2 of the most important elements, “Udta” A hindi word for “Flying”  and also because I am an Aviator, and the second word “Planner” defining me as an “Urban Planner”

After having made over a hundred websites for various purposes, I never had time to make a personal blog. But after a decade of making websites, and the wish to have a personal blog, Savvy Thoughts came into existence. A place where I can write and share some of the most complex thoughts. Thoughts and insight which are otherwise lost in long discussions over whatsapp & facebook.

Savvy Thoughts

Welcome to my blog Savvy Thoughts. A place where I write about my thoughts, random thoughts,  stories, memories, experiences, events & instances which give rise to various other thoughts. Thoughts which I know exist and I know about them. Thus “Savvy”. Savvy not because of shrewdness and practical knowledge, but because of knowingness that thoughts exist, I try to understand them. At times they hit us in unexpected manner, are uncalled and unwanted. I write about how I feel about them and at that time and a possible thoughtful analysis of the same.

We are always surrounded by thoughts, either our own or external, which are just random, or maybe a result of us thinking consciously or triggered by something. These thoughts can also be feelings, emotions, plans or insight. Something to do with joy, sorrow, internal battle and conflict, fear, achievement, helplessness, perplexing, amazement, courage, business, leadership or just without any emotion, reaction or purpose attached to them. These thoughts, events and instances can be violent, rapid or subtle but they transform us in one or another way. 

Chal rahi hai duniya…..

“Chal rahi hai duniya” is an expression and a modified hindi version of “Life goes on”. There is nothing that stops the World. You might be experiencing the euphoric joy, excruciating pain or bewilderment. No matter what you are experiencing, no matter what you are going through, for how long you have been struggling, what your family, friends, your near & dear ones, loved ones or people on your hit-list are going through, the world doesn’t seem to care for it and goes on. It stops for nothing and no one. This remains the reality, maybe a more practical approach, regardless of us liking or accepting it. Almost everything, as small, insignificant & temporary as our anger over a mosquito bite, to as drastic and life changing such as a irreversible loss of life or a business events, something which leaves you shattered and broken. All of these can be summed up and ended with “but chal rahi hai duniya”.

At the end of the day, you need to pick yourself up, gather all the strength and overcome circumstances and continue moving. You might not be the same person anymore, neither happy, comfortable or confident about this transformation. You might or might not receive some help in doing this and fighting your lone battle, but that’s the reality remains same. It’s like the perfect and single expression to conclude any thought or situation.

You might be able to relate to them, experience them, feel them and at same time, my blog post might be just another “Thought” for someone. Thoughts just like millions and billions of others but which are seldom written.

Also, an INFJ, if that matter & helps!